Corporate Culture

        VISION: Our products reach to all over the world

        MISSION: Create value for customers, let Lingli staff work joyfully

        PRINCIPLE: Reputation , Morality , Quality , Service .

QUALITY PRINCIPLE: 100% Follow required standard

SERVICE PRINCIPLE: Fulfill customers expectation

TOP GUN PRINCIPLE: Only and do the right thing for the corporate regardless he is nobody.

WORKING PRINCIPLE: Teamwork, Discreet, Dedicate, Responsible.

TEAM SPIRIT: Not for the personal interest, but for the team.

BUSINESS PRINCIPLE: Create benefits for the staff, for the company,

for the suppliers, and for the harmony relationship of the authorities.

MANNER: Creativity, Promptness, Promise Abiding, Justice, Inclusive, Gratitude

LINGLI PEPPLE: Integrity, Optimistic, Humor, Solidarity,

        Sacrifice, Learning.