Baowu Special Steel Company (Baowu)  is a member of Baosteel Group, focusing on research and production of special steel. It's one of the earlist Special Steel Production Base in China, which was originally involved from Shanghai No. 5 Steel Mill, Shanghai Steel Institution and Baosteel Special Steel Company. 


SW Plastic Tool Steel Mill is fully equipped with state-of-art steel making, remelting, and heat-treatment facility of the world, including steel melting facility as LAF, EF, RH, EFS, ESR,  Protected Atmosphere ESR, VAR;  one of the most adanced world brand of 3d Forging Press;  Heat-treatment facility covering all traditional  heat-treating facility and Extreme Fine Structure and High-Temp Homogeneous Treating, etc. SW Tool Steel is a shining star among China tool steel industry. 

SW Plastic Tool Steel is well known for its precise chemical composition, high isotropy and micro cleanliness.  Poslishing ability and long-life production run in molding is comparable with well-known European brands. 

SW Hot Work Steel presents a optimized chemical components, high homogeneous micro-structure and alloy cabides spread, excellent anti-fatigue ability at high temperature. It's long life running performance in die casting applicaiton has made it into more and more Auto makers' and Tier 1 supplier's tool steel suppliers' list.

Since Lingli became the authorized distributor & stockiest for Baowu years before, we have grown to be a core distributor for SW tool steel.  Currently Lingli is working together with Baowu to develop a new ERP system, aiming to track each piece of SW tool steel back to its origin.